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Tempting Tim


Billingsley Series

I never wanted the limelight. The only thing I wanted was Conley Logan.


When words failed to express my feelings for Conley, I relied on music instead. But our love song ended before it even began, when I hadn’t told her how I truly felt. As a result of it, I watched Conley leave hand-in-hand with my bandmate instead of me.


Not wanting the fight that would break up the band, I made a choice. I lived with it every day, knowing it was nobody’s fault but my own. I’ve moved on. I’m content with my small-town life of running a bar. But now Conley is back, forcing me to face the music.


From the way I’m tempted to make her mine still, it's as if nothing has changed - but until she tells me why she's back, I'm not sure I can trust what’s growing between us. 


The only thing that has changed: I’m not letting her get away this time without a fight.

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